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Qualities Of A Good Leader

Posted by Steve Valeroso | Feb. 13, 2015, 9:56 a.m.

Genuine pioneers must be great good examples, educated in their fields, and deserving of admiration. There are numerous approaches to lead, whether it’s by tackling an administration part at work or being the commander of your games group. Here are a few tips to help you exceed expectations as a pioneer in any circumstance.

Be a good role model
To earn respect, it's important to show that you know your stuff. People will respect and listen to you if they know you are knowledgeable in your field.
Discuss your experience. Without showing off, let your subordinates understand how long you've been in the business and what you have achieved while you were there. Not only will they have a better understanding of why you're in the position to lead, but they'll be more excited to be a part of your team and will admire you.
Act professionally. It is important to meet basic standards of professionalism, such as dressing appropriately, coming to work and meetings on time, and communicating in a professional manner.
Reward your subordinates for good behavior
To be a good leader, you need to maintain high team morale, and to motivate subordinates to achieve their goals in a timely manner. Also, rewards can be fun!
a.) Have a monthly team dinner to celebrate a completed goal. This will be not only delicious, but a fun way to bond with your colleagues and to motivate them to achieve goals in a timely manner.
b.) Give individual "shout outs" when necessary. If one of your subordinates accomplished something incredible, there's no harm in announcing his or her achievements through email or at a meeting. Though this may make him or her blush, he or she will see that you're paying attention to his or her hard work.
c.) Reward your hard working subordinates with prizes. A prize, whether it's the latest technological gadget or just a pair of free movie tickets, it can give your subordinates an idea to work hard on your next goals. This will also make them think that you're a cool leader.

Be loved
You can be liked by sharing your individuality. You don't need to be closest companions with your subordinate, however discussing your family, or your experience, can make them open up to you and see you as an individual.

A great leader knows when to swallow his pride. Be humble and admit what ever mistakes you commit, through this, your subordinates will make them think that you are reliable as a leader and will make them feel your sincerity.

Follow these steps and this will make your subordinates more eager to work with you and to have you as their leader!

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